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Saboteur Award Success

Charmaine Wilkerson

We’re thrilled that How to Make a Window Snake by Charmaine Wilkerson, which won our inaugural novella-in-flash Award in 2017 is short listed in the Saboteur Awards 2018. Thank you to everyone who nominated her. There were nearly 5000 nominations over all the categories and we think it is a great achievement both for Charmaine and for Ad Hoc Fiction, the publisher.

Please support Charmaine further by voting for her novella-in-flash to win before 9th May. Results are announced on 19th May at the end of the Saboteur Awards Festival running from Friday 18th to Saturday 19th May.

In her brilliant novella, Charmaine takes different angles to show the impact of the loss of a child upon a family. Our judge for the 2017 Novella-in-Flash Award, Meg Pokrass, commented “The author creates a brilliant picture window through which we see a loving but deeply wounded family trying to survive more tragedy.” And in a five star review, Raluca A. writes:

Charmaine Wilkerson’s novella uncoils just like the snake in the title of the book. The author repeats motives and scenes from different perspectives, each of them enriching the reality our perception of what truly happened. The story, told and retold from different points of view in a masterful way that doesn’t feel repetitive, unravels the family secrets. It’s a poignant account of a tragedy, and its aftermath. But there is also hope, granted by the unreserved love the remaining family members treat each other with. How to Make a Window Snake is a masterpiece.

How to Make a Window Snake, our collection of three novella-in-flash, is on its second print run and is for sale at bookshop.adhocfiction.com. Please add your reviews to the site if you have already read the collection and like it.

A further thank you goes to all of you who nominated The Lobsters Run Free: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Two again published by Ad Hoc Fiction, in the Best Anthology Category and our founder, Jude Higgins’ flash fiction story collection, The Chemist’s House, published by V. Press, in the Best Short Story Collection category. We’re thrilled that both books reached the long list of ten out of so many nominations. It’s our third year of being listed in the Awards. Ad Hoc Fiction micro contest was long listed in the Best Wild Card Category in both 2017 and 2016.

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Interview with Charmaine Wilkerson
Winner of the Inaugural Novella-in-Flash Award

Charmaine tells us how, on a walk around the ancient wall of Rome she arrived at the inspiration for her wonderful first prize winning novella-in-flash How to Make a Window Snake. When writing at her dining room table, she had to battle interruptions from her family and from others in distant time zones. It is interesting to learn how the structure of this novella emerged and how Charmaine was influenced by many different authors writing stories within stories. The tipping point for her to give the form a go, was reading the novellas-in-flash and essays by Meg Pokrass and others in the guide My Very End of the Universe published by Rose Metal Press. Ending the whole piece was the most difficult part of the writing for Charmaine. But take advice from her if you are embarking on a novella-in-flash – don’t force it. “Let your stories emerge, breathe some life into them, and then see if this is the structure that will allow them to blossom.”

You’ll be able to read How to Make a Window Snake, and the two runner-up novellas-in-flash by Joanna Campbell and Ingrid Jendrzejewski shortly. Our publisher, Ad Hoc Fiction, is in the process of compiling the book, due to be published in June.
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