June 2017 Award Short List

To preserve judging anonymity, author names are yet to be announced (tba). We do understand that finding your work on the short list is exciting news, so while it is fine to say you are on the list, we do ask that authors do not identify themselves with any particular piece at this stage. Thank […]

February 2016 Award Short List

Second Bath Flash Fiction Award Short List Fiction Title Author And The Sea Rolls On Emily Devane Backroads Michael Wheaton Billy Clodagh O’Brien First catch your hare Sharon Telfer Five Months Charmaine Wilkerson Heart of Oak, Body of a Man Kerry Hood If We Could Dig To China Amber Lee Dodd My father, who ate […]

Inaugural Award Short List

We had intended a short list of ten pieces, but due to the high quality of submitted fictions, we have increased our list to twenty. Inaugural Bath Flash Fiction Award Short List Fiction Title Author A Life Lived in Colour Vanessa Savage Animals Molia Dumbleton Bait Trap Chrissie Cuthbertson Blaze of Glory (The big Crunch) […]

Flash Fiction International
Very Short Stories from Around the World
Eds. James Thomas, Robert Shapard, Christopher Merrill
Reviewed by Santino Prinzi

Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World (W. W. Norton & Company, 2015) pulls together flash fiction by writers from all over the globe; UK, US, Mexico, Iraq, Israel, Peru, New Zealand, Germany, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Brazil, India, and Ancient Rome are but only a handful of countries represented in […]

Stronger Faster Shorter
Flash Fictions by David Swann
Review by Jeanette Sheppard

The twenty-five flash fictions in Stronger Faster Shorter Flash Fictions (Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press, 2015) form a chronological narrative spanning a boy’s childhood in the 1970’s to adulthood. Each flash provides a sense of the narrator inviting the reader to peer into the past and experience the emotional truth of ‘our world, up […]

Ad Hoc Fiction Makes Saboteur Longlist

Thank you to every one who voted for Ad Hoc Fiction, our free weekly micro challenge in the Saboteur Awards 2016. We are very happy to announce that we made the longlist, and with over 1700 nominations we think that’s a brilliant result. Particularly since Ad Hoc has only been going for just over a […]