October 2019 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

To preserve judging anonymity, author names are yet to be announced. While we are happy for authors to share that they are on the long list, we ask that writers do not identify themselves with their particular work at this stage.

We have emailed all long listed authors to confirm their long listing, along with an offer of publication in our forthcoming anthology.

Faux Pas Health Warning
We recieve many entries, and some do have the same title. Do not assume your work has made our long list unless you have received an email from us to say you are on the long list. If in doubt, contact us.

Thirteenth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A Product of Love tba
Abduction tba
Angie tba
The Little Star Prince tba
Black Rug On A Black Field tba
Casanova’s Mistress tba
Cherry On Top tba
Chill and Netflix tba
Cinnamon Lover tba
Cthulhu is a harried mother with overactive regenerative capabilities tba
Cuttings tba
Decision Making For The Middle Aged Woman tba
Five Minus 4 = Uno tba
Foley Square, July 2019 tba
Gleann na h-iolaire tba
Honeysuckle tba
Ibuprofen tba
Last Night with the Stoatman tba
Less Heart tba
Mac and Marky tba
Mo bhuachaillín beag tba
Old Glory tba
Onions tba
Out Not In tba
Percolation In Baked Climes tba
Push. Gojo. Robus. Pure tba
Snapped tba
Spinning tba
The Boy Who Had To Colour In The Sky tba
The Cake Of Her Life tba
The Exposure of Delight tba
The Finite Dragon tba
The Games People Play tba
The Lone Citizen Must Save Himself tba
The Stones Bear Witness tba
The Wall tba
The Wild West tba
They Never Burnt Witches tba
Thirst tba
Threatened tba
Tiny Red Daggers tba
Towels tba
Undoing tba
The Unmooring of The Gwendolyn II tba
Weighting tba
When Reginald Died tba
When Tony Taylor Won The Euromillions tba
While The Truth Puts On Its Shoes tba
With One Eye On The Cows tba
Worn-Down Nap tba

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