Novella-in-Flash 2019 Award
Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

To preserve judging anonymity, author names are yet to be announced. While we are happy for authors to share that they are on the long list, we ask that writers do not identify themselves with their particular work at this stage.

Novella-in-Flash 2019 Award Long List
Title Author
A Benign Deity tba
A Ring Of Bright Snowflakes tba
Agility tba
At The Bottom Of The Stairs tba
Birds With Horse Hearts tba
Durata tba
Even Breathing Is Political Or The Fiction Of Home tba
First, Do No Harm tba
George X tba
Homing tba
I Am Not In This Sentence tba
In Our Dreams We Dance tba
Inland Empire Afternoon tba
Kremlin Quixote tba
Mother Jellyfish tba
Off The Resting Sea tba
She Sang A Song She Did Not Sing tba
Straight Down The Road tba
Straw Gods tba
The Quiet Of Everyday Things tba
The Roster tba
The Way Of The Wind tba
The Weight Of Water tba
White Space tba

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