June 2017 Award Long List

To preserve judging anonymity, author names are yet to be announced (tba). We do understand that finding your work on the long list is exciting news, so while it is fine to say you are on the list, we do ask that authors do not identify themselves with any particular piece at this stage.

We are currently sending out offers of publication to all those long listed. Please check your mail.

Thank you.

Sixth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
A Complicated Birth tba
A seven-step recovery programme following loss tba
Acute intoxication tba
Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopaedia tba
Baby clothes tba
Baby Talk tba
Blood-Oranges tba
Boiled Wool tba
Cave tba
Dumb-ass tba
Echo tba
Empty Your Attic tba
Floating tba
Fly Away Bridie tba
Goodbye, Mr Fox tba
Government Health Warning tba
Heart medicine tba
High visibility tba
Home Movie tba
Homesick tba
I feel there’s a young girl out there suffering tba
If I should wash myself with snow tba
Learning to Dive in Bonaire tba
Love Lines tba
Memorial tba
Musk tba
Nothing Strange or Startling tba
Papaya Dreams, Runaway Girls tba
Posh Juice with Bits tba
Prizewinning Faked Photo titled ‘Full Moon, Howling Wolf’ tba
Resting Place tba
Returning to Karakong  tba
Romeo tba
Runt of the Litter tba
Semaphore tba
Shards tba
She dreams of heaven tba
The Cool Box tba
The Man I Love tba
The Place We Live Before We Don’t tba
The rains must come now tba
The Ritual tba
The Taste On Her Tongue tba
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things tba
Tom tba
Tying the Boats tba
Why Fedha’s Crops Never Fail tba
Workshop tba
Yes, I Can Turn Around tba
Your dad’s dad’s name tba


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