Novella in Flash 2017 Long List

A big thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those who have made it through to our long list. At this stage, author names are yet to be announced. While sharing that you are on the long list is fine, we ask that writers do not identify themselves with their particular work. Short list and winners announcements coming soon.

Novella in Flash 2017 Long List
Title Author
37 Foolish Things tba
A Children’s Treasury of Windows and Doors tba
A Glass of Moonbirds tba
A Safer Way to Fall tba
All the Little Things Disappear tba
American Breakup Songs tba
Apprehension tba
Clockwork Magpies tba
For Every Cup And Every Plateful tba
Gastrosophists tba
How to Make a Window Snake tba
Peg, at seven tba
Sooth tba
Sugar in the Folds, Sand in the Creases tba
The Day’s First Wisp Of Blue tba
The Violence of Snowflakes tba
These are the annotations in our atlas of adventure tba
Things I Dream About When I’m Not Sleeping tba


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